Whole Rye Sourdough 10% (Recipe Included)

Updated: Mar 22

Started experimenting with some new whole-grain sourdough recipes. I am continually trying to improve my bread's taste and nutritional quality of my bread and using whole grains like whole-wheat and rye. Rye can give sourdough a great nutty/fruiting flavor and is traditionally used in German/Danish baking. Personally, Rye sourdough is some of my favorite bread I've ever baked or tasted, for that matter. In the process of making the dough during bulk fermentation, it felt smelled great. You can often tell the quality of the dough you make just by feeling and observing it; a good dough will resist when you stretch it and use but not tear.

Post Shaped Loaves

Rye (10%) on the left and some Buckwheat (5%) on the right. I rolled the loaves in rye flakes for the first time instead of white rice flour, and it turned out amazingly. Great color and flavor came from the bake with the rye flakes.

RECIPE (Makes 2 Loaves)

H2O ~ 850g 80 degrees Fahrenheit

Bread Flour ~ 450g

Whole Wheat Flour ~ 450g

Whole-Grain Rye Flour ~ 100g

Salt ~ 25g

Levain ~ 150g

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